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Reflexology has been investigated in a variety of studies to see whether it can help with MS symptoms. In one study, 71 patients were randomised to either reflexology treatment with manual pressure on specific points of the feet and massage of the calf area, or to non-specific massage of the calf area only."




Massage therapy aims to provide people with time and space for a relaxing and soothing experience in a warm, supportive atmosphere. Massage improves the circulation. It relaxes tense muscles and is an excellent way to unwind and help restore a sense of well being and balance.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that involves having gentle pressure applied to the soles of your feet or your hands.

It’s thought that different points on the feet are connected to different areas of the body, such as particular organs. Reflexologists believe stimulating these points can encourage natural healing.

As well as providing the calming effects of touch, reflexology can promote relaxation and improve wellbeing.

According to a survey, reflexology is one of the most popular complementary therapies used by people with MS. Although the quality of research is considered low, some studies have found that reflexology can improve pain, fatigue and mood in people with MS.

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