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MotoMed Machines

Exercise bikes with a difference. You can choose whether to do the work yourself or let the machine do it for you. One of the machines can also work your arms and upper back.


Weighing Platform

Able to use with wheelchairs.




The Vibrogym works by producing a vibration through which energy is transferred to the body. This causes a stretch reflex that changes between 30-60 times a second depending on which frequency you choose. The intense, repetitive contractions this elicits will fatigue the muscles and in recovery the muscles will re-build stronger to withstand the increased effort. 


Due to their condition, patients with Multiple Sclerosis are often unable to train normally.


Characteristic of these syndromes is that the body (i.e. the brain) is no longer capable of controlling the muscles properly. However, the muscles are activated in an entirely different way by training on the Vibrogym because it causes a stretch reflex without conscious effort.

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