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Before outlining the benefits of high dosage oxygen treatment for multiple sclerosis, it must be understood that this treatment is not a cure for this condition. The main aim is to stabilise the patient’s condition and improve their quality of life.

Research from several countries shows that oxygen treatment can help ease the symptoms of many people who have Multiple Sclerosis.  By breathing pure oxygen while under increased pressure (hyperbaric oxygen) many people find relief from their symptoms and, it is thought, some help in slowing down the progression of the condition.


The therapy centres started by designing their operations on information arising from a controlled clinical trial in New York in 1980/1982. The results of the trial indicated both an improvement in symptoms and some protection from deterioration in more than half the people treated.


The result of subsequent studies in Britain and abroad varied from a worst of ‘no obvious change’ to a variety of positive changes.

Our centre has been providing the therapy continuously since 1985. in that time we have safely provided thousands of individual sessions to people with MS and, in recent years we have also treated people with other conditions from slow-to-heal wounds, cerebral palsy and injured sportsmen and women.

The therapy takes place in a metal chamber large enough to seat 6 people, who spend an hour under pressure, breathing pure oxygen through masks. They can use their Kindle, phones, iPads and stay connected with the outside world with Wi-fi and are easily able to talk with the operator at any time.


Operators are skilled and trained. The therapy does not offer a cure, but many people have benefited from reduced severity of symptoms and improved quality of life.

At the centre a chamber which can accommodate up to 6 people is pressurized with air equivalent to water depths of 8, 22 or 33 feet, depending on the participant’s response. Pure oxygen is then breathed though a face mask for an hour. Many gain relief from symptoms and regular treatment can have a beneficial long-term effect.

The process by which damage of the nervous system is caused in MS clearly cannot be prevented by oxygen therapy, however, the body normally heals itself using oxygen from the air so giving additional oxygen extends the body’s ability to heal and can limit some of the damage which the disease causes.

Help and advice is always available at your local MS Therapy Centre.

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