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Welcome to the Middlesbrough MS Therapy Centre

The Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre was opened in 1985 by people with Multiple Sclerosis. Its aim is to serve people affected by MS in Tees Valley, North Yorkshire, County Durham, Tyne and Wear and into Northumbria. The centre provides a range of essential therapies aimed at limiting the problems of MS.  Currently these therapies are high dosage oxygen treatment, physiotherapy, yoga, therapeutic massage, reflexology aromatherapy and counselling.  We also provide support and some therapy to stroke victims, cancer patients, ME sufferers, long COVID and people with other neurological disorders.

We are an independent local charity that provides a unique service of therapies and support for MS patients, their carers and their families.  Although MS is as yet incurable, much can be done to improve the quality of life of MS patients. Considerable research has been done in other countries into ways to alleviate some of the symptoms of MS. It has been found that oxygen treatment, physiotherapy and diet, are the best hope of providing some relief and possibly slow the disease progression.


We are a self-help group and registered charity endeavouring to provide a complete service for MS sufferers throughout the north of England, encouraging them to look after themselves and make the best of their lives within the confines of their condition.

We are affiliated to the National Federation of MS Therapy Centres. We are totally self-funding. We receive no government funding and raise our income through members, donations towards the cost of treatments along with the tireless fundraising efforts of our members, volunteers and staff.

A members, management committee runs the centre and we have a team of members and volunteers who help with our day-to-day tasks.  

If you require any further information or would like to speak to us please contact the centre.

We also offer some some services for people suffering from Cerebral palsy and other Neurological conditions as well as people with various sports injuries.

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